Instances for the minmax selection problem under discrete uncertainty set could be found on this page. Here, we use n, p and N when referring to the number of items, number of items one wants to choose and number of scenarios, respectively.

Method description: will be updated soon.

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Instance Format

The first three numbers used to label each instance file represent n, p and N in the exact same order. In addition, the last number shows the instance number with the given size. For each considered size 50 instances are generated. The instance files contain N+1 lines. The first line demonstrates n, p, N. The remaining lines illustrate N different scenarios including n item costs.



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The information on this page has been created based on the paper \Generating hard instances for robust combinatorial optimization” by Dr. Marc Goerigk (Network and Data Science Management, University of Siegen, Germany) and Dr. Stephen J. Maher (Department of Management Science, Lancaster University, United Kingdom).